The work of Sergi Carbonell
Climate ChangeClimate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change is a thought and the worst theory that could be in the future of the earth. It’s an apocalyptic...

Toujeo SanofiToujeo Sanofi

Toujeo Sanofi

Presentation of a new diabetes medication for Sanofi pharmaceutical company.

Nokia MusicNokia Music

Nokia Music

A motion production video to capture the essence of Nokia´s Music World.



Brand Identity and Communication System for a London based bicycle company. A concept created to mimic high-end car brands in...



Sync is an abstract visual work of what’s happening during the data synchronization process between devices. It’s a perception of data flowing between the...

Nokia NseriesNokia Nseries

Nokia Nseries

A motion production design for Nokia utilizing visual metaphors to communicate the main concepts of the Nseries.



A compilation of seasonal Camper communications made for in store use, around the world, from early 2004 to late 2006.



This video is a collaboration and interpretation with and of Roc Parés Artist. A visual work mixed with analog mixers...